The Mission of Wellspring Community is to provide a work, enrichment and educational community where adults with special needs are empowered to live full, productive and satisfying lives in a God-centered and nurturing environment.
The Rotary Club of Castle Rock, in collaboration with the High Noon Rotary Club is raising money through the 2020 Ducky Derby to fund a new business enterprise for the Wellspring STARS (Specially Talented Adults Raising Standards).
The Wellspring Program provides their STARS the opportunity to take classes and engage with the community in the following areas:
  • life leadership
  • Arts and Performances
  • Health & Fitness
  • Social Responsibility
  • Learning & Enrichment
In alignment with their mission, Wellspring is working with local Rotary Clubs to fund and implement a new Coffee Cart business enterprise. The cart will allow the STARS to interact with and serve community members while also providing a meaningful and authentic employment opportunity for those who wish to participate.  More information on Wellspring can be found HERE.