Town of Castle Rock RoadRANGERS Program

RoadRANGERS is a program established by the Town of Castle Rock through which volunteers agree to pick up litter along both sides of a section of roadway for a one-year period. The Town provides trash bags and reflective safety vests to volunteers and picks up and disposes of all bagged litter collected by volunteers.

Roadside trash is ugly and costs taxpayers millions of annually to clean up locally and statewide.  There are more than 280 miles of streets throughout the Town. It's often challenging for the Town's Public Works staff to keep up with the roadside litter that accumulates along our streets.

The Rotary Club of Castle Rock is an active participant in this program with responsibility for a 1.25 Mile stretch of Plum Creek Parkway from Wilcox Street to Gilbert Street.Three to Four times a year, volunteers within our club rally in support of the Town to clean up our designated section of road.

As volunteers, we have a unique opportunity to donate services to the community and enjoy the results of our hard work. RoadRANGERS volunteers become stewards of public lands by working to improve the look of the community in a meaningful way for all to enjoy.