Burkina Faso Project

BACKGROUND - Burkina Faso is a poor, land-locked country in Western Africa. Disease is rampant and infant mortality among the worst in the world. In 2008-09, The Rotary Club of Castle Rock along with other clubs funded five deep-water village wells in the rural county of Zabre. This project brought clean water to over 8,000 people greatly improving their lives.


Population: 15,264,000              
Population Growth: 3.11% /yr
Life Expectancy: 52.6 years
GDP (PPP): $1,253
Birth Rate: 44.7/1000
Fertility Rate: 6.34 children
Infant Mortality: 86/1000
Under 5 Mortality: 205/1000

COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT PLAN - The County of Zabre created a government-mandated five-year Development Plan based on local input. They identified the most urgent need as clean water; a close second was sanitation (latrines). The other needs, also urgent are in education, healthcare, and agriculture.

SANITATION PROJECT - In 2009-10, The Rotary Club of Denver is addressing the sanitation needs by building 100 badly needed latrines.

CURRENT CONDITIONS - With minor exceptions, there are no latrines in the county of Zabre. As a result, human waste is scattered on the ground creating unsanitary conditions increasing the spread of diseases. There is also the issue of human dignity.

BENEFITS - With the introduction of latrines, and more are ultimately needed, conditions can begin to improve. This will result in a drop in infant mortality, less time away from work and school and an overall better life.

PROJECT COST - Project cost for 100 latrines at $350 per latrine is $35,000. Local residents will contribute by digging the pits.